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Japanese Video Games

Success in America
Atari vs. Nintendo
Why Japanese video games translate into American dollars


“I look at it sadly,” Nolan Bushnell says, surveying the devastation of the company he founded. “You can’t help but have a certain feeling for a name that you chose out of the universe.”  He adds, “See, Atari could have been Nintendo and Apple under one roof.” 

            The home video-game business was dead.  The consensus was clear: no one in America wanted anything to do with video games.

-Game Over: How Nintendo Conquered the World, by David Sheff, pg. 157.

In October 1995, Nintendo announced the sale of its one billionth video game – or one game for every teenager in the world. Video games since that time have become a seven billion dollar a year industry according to the Entertainment Software Association.  In 2005 the average game player age was 30 and 75 percent of heads of households played computer or video games.  Still, the video game medium is still unrepresented, misunderstood and often dismissed by many. 

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